China International Airport Development Conference and Exhibition 2018


According to “the Thirteenth Five Year Plan of Chinese Civil Aviation Development (hereinafter refer as The Plan)”, Airport Distribution and Construction is an important method to lead aviation resource allocation, as well as a significant foundation of developing a strong power of civil aviation. To achieve this goal by optimizing six large airport agglomeration, North, Northeast, East, Central and Southern, Southwest and Northwest, and planning to construct aro...

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Participant units

    LERRI Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

    ADB Airfield Solutions

    International Air Transport Association

    National Air Cargo

    Refuel International

    Sabre Airline Solutions

    stratech systems limited

    Ultra Electronics Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd

    Beijing Beiwei Aero Technology Co.,Ltd

    Campbell Scientific(Beijing)

    Beijing Boneng Technology Co., Ltd.

    Beijing SG-EPRI UHV Transmission
    Technology Company

    Beijing Jront Technology Co., Ltd

    Chengdu Tianfu International Airport

    Beijing Zhongzhou Fire Fighting Equipment

    Beijing Darry Science and Technology
    Development Co,.Ltd.

    Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

    SALES Transporter Industry International
    Sales GmbH & Co. KG

    Guangdong Supro Aviation Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    Hytera Communications Corporation Ltd.

    Hangke Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Feeyo Technology Co., Ltd.

    Vataple Machinery (kunshan) Co. Ltd.


    Jiangsu tianyi Airport special equipment

    Kent Ridge Consulting Inc.,Xiamen

    Finmeccanica Spa

    Liaoning Tianfeng Aviation Industry
    Development Co.,Ltd


    McQuay Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

    Nr Electric Co.,Ltd

    Owens Corning (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

    Ping an Bank Beijing Branch

    Airports Council International

    Civil Aviation Administration of China

    Beijing New Airport

    Nanjing Lukou International Airport

    Zurich Unique Airport

    Shenzhen Teng Long Aviation Service Co Ltd.

    Suzhou Enhanry Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

    YangZhou XinYa Vehicle Co., Ltd

    Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.

    Zhangjiagang Peng Cheng Air Equipment
    Liability Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzho Uoboc Gifted New Materials Co.,Ltd

    Huawei Technologies Co Ltd



    CAAC Central and Southern Regional


    ASI Solution

    Finmeccanica Spa


    National Air Cargo


    Refuel International

    Sabre Airline Solutions

    stratech systems limited


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